STEMMER IMAGING AG publishes quarterly figures: Significant growth in revenue and earnings; earnings forecast raised

Stemmer Imaging
  • Revenue increase by 29.7 per cent to EUR 30.5 million in the first three months of the planned short financial year 2019 (previous year: EUR 23.5 million)
  • Adjusted operating result (EBITDA) of EUR 4.0 million and an EBITDA margin of 13.1 per cent are significantly above the level of the previous year (EUR 2.3 million / EBITDA margin 9.7 per cent)
  • Acquisition of machine learning software algorithms for the further development of the Common Vision Blox software library in the Deep Learning segment
  • Announcement of one-time expenses of EUR 1.5 million for Q2 2019 by bringing forward costs from 2020 previously reported as adjusted
  • Forecast for planned short financial year 2019: revenue in the range of EUR 59.0 to 65.0 million and EBITDA forecast raised from EUR 5.5 – 7.1 million to EUR 6.0 – 7.5 million


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