IDTechEx on Trends in Automotive Lidars

Autosens publishes IDTechEx article with a review of Espros, SiLC, XenomatiX, Blickfeld, and Outsight LiDAR approaches.

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Prophesee and Sony Develop a Stacked Event-Based Vision Sensor with the Industry’s Smallest Pixels and Highest HDR Performance

Prophesee S.A. and Sony announce they have jointly developed a stacked Event-based vision sensor with the industry’s smallest 4.86μm pixel size and the industry’s highest 124dB (or more) HDR performance. This sensor combines of Sony’s stacked CMOS sensor process with Cu-Cu connections, with Prophesee’s Metavision Event-based vision technologies leading to …

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TowerJazz Updates in its CIS Business

SeekingAlpha transcript of TowerJazz Q4 2019 earnings call updates on the foundry’s image sensor business: “Moving to our Sensors Business unit, despite in organic revenue decline of about 20% in the industrial sensor market, predominantly a consequence of the trade war, we were able to compensate to great extent, to …

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Machine Vision Helps to Contain Coronavirus

New China TV video shows how camera-equipped robots help in fighting with the coronavirus outbreak in China: Image Sensors World