ON Semi Launches World’s First Automotive Qualified SiPM Array for LiDAR Applications

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i-Micronews, EEJournal: ON Semi announces the new RDM-Series silicon photomultiplier (SiPM) array for LiDARs. The RDM-0112A20-QFN is said to be the first automotive qualified SiPM product in the market. The ArrayRDM-0112A20-QFN is AEC-Q102 qualified and developed in accordance with IATF 16949.

The ArrayRDM-0112A20-QFN is a 1×12 array of SiPM pixels based on the company’s RDM process, which enables 18.5% photon detection efficiency (PDE) at 905 nm. This PDE is measured at typical operating voltage and 21°C. The PDE increases to >25% at 905 nm at elevated temperature. 
The high-resolution depth data provided by LiDAR enables instantaneous and accurate object identification in challenging low light conditions. As the first automotive qualified SiPM, the ArrayRDM-0112A20-QFN will enable long range, cost-effective LiDAR solutions for the next level of safety and autonomy,” commented Wade Appelman, senior director, Automotive Sensing Division at ON Semiconductor. “We are continuously enhancing our sensor portfolio by offering diverse and complementary sensing modalities that pave the way to higher levels of ADAS and autonomous driving.

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