Next generation inspection robots the focus of European Union’s SPIRIT Project

As part of the European Union’s framework program Horizon 2020, a consortium of partners from science and industry are collaborating on next generation inspection robot technology. Boards & Software

Spider monkey population monitored by drones with thermal infrared cameras

In another example of how unmanned technology can serve animal conservation, researchers used drones equipped with thermal infrared (TIR) cameras to monitor spider monkey populations in the Los Arboles Tulum residential development, outside Tulum, Quitana Roo, Mexico. Spider monkeys are categorized as Endangered or Critically Endangered on the IUCN Red …

Military seeks more capability from UAV vision systems and ground control stations

US Department of Defense designers of unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) want more capability from their systems in terms of video processing, high-definition infrared imagery, storage, and image processing–and they want it to happen in the air before it is downlinked. Robotics

Retail computer vision and analytics company raises $125 million

Trax, a Singapore-based company that develops a computer vision and analytics solution for retail, has completed a $ 125 million round of funding led by Boyu Capital, one of the largest private equity investment firms in Greater China. Boards & Software

Machine vision cameras will be used in greenhouse cannabis inspection pilot project

Lumenera Corporation has announced that a North American commercial horticulture monitoring system provider has signed an agreement for the company’s LtX45R machine vision cameras to be used in their pilot project for the inspection of greenhouse cannabis. Non-Industrial Vision

Cornell researchers demonstrate optics-free pixel array for far-field imaging

Researchers at Cornell University have developed a chip-scale sensor, the Planar Fourier Capture Array (PFCA), capable of imaging the far field without any off-chip optics. The PFCA consists of an array of angle-sensitive pixels (ASPs) manufactured in a standard semiconductor process. Robotics

Baidu to deploy computer vision hardware and software from Intel in autonomous vehicles

As part of its open-source Project Apollo and commercial Apollo Pilot programs, Baidu will integrate Mobileye’s Responsibility Sensitive Safety (RSS) model for autonomous vehicle safety. It will also utilize Mobileye’s Surround Computer Vision Kit as it visual perception solution as part of Baidu’s proposition to the Chinese OEM market. Boards …

Medical image sensor from OmniVision provides HD images in tiny form factor

Touted by OmniVision as the world’s first medical image sensor to provide 1280 x 800 resolution in a 2.5 x 1.5 mm package, the OH01A CMOS image sensor features the PureCel Plus-S stacked-die architecture to provide the compact size, high resolution and cost effectiveness required for the next generation of …

Rehab centers help improve patient mobility with Hocoma’s robotic gait-training system

Kessler Foundation and Kessler Institute for Rehabilitation are reportedly the first rehabilitation organizations in the United States to select and utilize the LokomatPro V6, an advanced service robot from Swiss-based rehabilitation-robot developer Hocoma. Robotics

Low-cost embedded vision camera features Python-based programming

Programmed using Python scripts instead of C/C++, the OpenMV Cam M7 is a $ 65 embedded vision camera integrated on a small, low-power microcontroller board that enables the implementation of machine vision applications in the real world, according to the company. Boards & Software

Deep learning and cloud computing help cameras perform security related tasks

Umbo Computer Vision leverages deep learning and cloud computing to provide autonomous video security systems. Non-Industrial Vision

Report points to real-time detection and system integration as machine-vision business drivers

AMC – Hofmann, a market intelligence provider focusing on industrial and non-industrial automation sectors, has released its Robot Vision survey, which concludes that real-time detection and machine-vision system integration offer the most critical growth opportunities for robotics and automation. Robotics

Deep learning technology to be featured prominently at VISION 2018

Deep learning represents a growth segment in machine vision, and as a result, will be a technology that is prominently featured at VISION 2018 in Stuttgart from November 6-8. Boards & Software

Opto-acoustic imaging and ultrasound team up for breast cancer analysis

Combining opto-acoustic imaging with conventional ultrasound techniques allows radiologists to more accurately classify breast tumors. Non-Industrial Vision