Next generation inspection robots the focus of European Union’s SPIRIT Project

As part of the European Union’s framework program Horizon 2020, a consortium of partners from science and industry are collaborating on next generation inspection robot technology. Boards & Software


Robots close to taking a major job category in Louisville, report says – Louisville Business First

Robots close to taking a major job category in Louisville, report says  Louisville Business First Automation is considered to be a major threat to the economy in Louisville, which is why many leaders want to pursue technology training for workers. “machine vision” – Google News

Research indicates personal robots lead market with 97% of shipments

ABI Research is forecasting robotic component revenues will exceed US$ 2.36 billion by 2016, with a total robotics market value of approximately $ 22 billion. Robotics


Six ways robots are used today that you probably didn’t know about – The Conversation AU

Six ways robots are used today that you probably didn’t know about  The Conversation AU How many times in the past week do you think your life was affected by a robot? Unless you have a robot vacuum cleaner, you might say that robots had no real … “machine vision” – …


Spend Part of the $2 Trillion Infrastructure Plan on Robots – WIRED

Spend Part of the $ 2 Trillion Infrastructure Plan on Robots  WIRED This week, the Democrats and President Trump are talking about a $ 2 trillion infrastructure plan, a number in line with American Society of Civil Engineers’ … “machine vision” – Google News

Vision guides service robots down into mines

Engineers at Sandia National Laboratories (Albuquerque, NM, USA) have developed a service robot that could eliminate some of the hazards of mining operations by arming rescuers with information that may save lives. Robotics

PRODUCT FOCUS – Vision-Guided Robots Find a Role in Food Production

Vision-guided robotic systems are automating every aspect of meat production, from slaughtering to packaging. Robotics


These giant robots are death machines for weeds – Fast Company

These giant robots are death machines for weeds  Fast Company On a farm in Santa Maria, California, a large orange robot carefully drives down rows of cauliflower automatically identifying weeds. Then it pulls them out. “machine vision” – Google News

NASA’s new robots for the ISS feature multiple vision systems

New robotic assistants called "Astrobees," developed by NASA to assist in the operation of the International Space Station (ISS), are equipped with a sizeable payload of cameras and sensors to allow the robotics to understand their environment and move about in space. Non-Industrial Vision


RPI Lab Works On Robots’ ‘Vision’ – WAMC

RPI Lab Works On Robots’ ‘Vision’  WAMC A lab at Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute in Troy, New York, is “opening the eyes” of its robots in a bid to improve humans’ quality of life. “machine vision” – Google News

SERVICE ROBOTS: Vision-guided robotic ‘bartender’ serves drinks

Researchers led by professor Giovanna Sansoni at the Laboratory of Optoelectronics in the Department of Engineering at the University of Brescia (Brescia, Italy) have developed a vision-based robotic bartender that can serve customers different varieties of beer. Robotics

Unmanned systems: Delivery robots, reports on the future of automated vehicles

In this week’s roundup from the Association for Unmanned Vehicle Systems International (AUVSI), which highlights some of the latest news and headlines in unmanned vehicles and robotics, learn about two test robots that began mapping the city of Arlington’s streets and sidewalks for purposes of being able to make deliveries. …

Mobile Industrial Robots releases robot with 1000 kg maximum payload

Mobile Industrial Robots’ new MiR1000 model can transport loads up to 1000 kg (2200 lbs), which is double the maximum payload of MiR’s previous model, the MiR500. The new robot is equipped with LiDAR for 360° of obstacle awareness and a front-facing 3D camera that can "see" between 30 and …

October 2018 snapshots: Artificial intelligence in people detection, machine learning thermal dataset, vision-guided robots

In the October 2018 snapshots, learn about an artificial intelligent software suite designed for advanced people detection, a machine learning thermal dataset released by FLIR, a vision-guided underwater robot that discovered a lost shipwreck, and a vision-guided drone used to help preserve parts of the Great Wall of China. Boards …