January 2019 snapshots: 3D vision, vision-guided robots, deep learning at the edge

In the January 2019 snapshots, learn about a 3D vision system used to monitor the behavior of pigs, a vision-guided robot that assembled an IKEA chair, a new device from Intel that enables deep learning at the edge, and intelligent vision technology for video conferencing. Non-Industrial Vision

Self-contained tracking camera from Intel targets robots and autonomous devices

New from the Intel RealSense line of products is the T265 standalone tracking camera, which uses proprietary visual inertial odometry simultaneous localization and mapping (V-SLAM) technology with computing at the edge for accurate and low-latency tracking for applications such as robotics, drones, augmented reality (AR), and virtual reality. Non-Industrial Vision

Collaborative robot from Universal Robots rings New York Stock Exchange bell

On October 17, a collaborative robot from Universal Robots rang the New York Stock Exchange (NYSE) bell. Factory Automation

Epson Robots adds N6 model to its Flexion line of industrial automation 6-axis robots

The Flexion N6 6-Axis robot, the latest entry in the Flexion series of robots build for industrial automation, is currently available from Epson Robots. The N6 has a 1,000 mm-long arm and can handle 6 kg payloads, improvements from Epson’s N2 6-axis model. In late 2018, Epson will release a …


Your Apples May Soon Be Picked By Laser-Shooting Robots – WIRED

Your Apples May Soon Be Picked By Laser-Shooting Robots  WIRED It takes a deft touch to harvest fruit and veggies. Which is why roboticists are inventing hyper-specialized machines to pick crops. “machine vision” – Google News


Boston Dynamics buys a better brain for its robots – MIT Technology Review

Boston Dynamics buys a better brain for its robots  MIT Technology Review The world’s most agile robots are about to get a lot smarter thanks to the purchase of a startup focused on computer vision and machine learning. “machine vision” – Google News


Robots and More Robots at Automate/Promat 2019 – Machine Design

Robots and More Robots at Automate/Promat 2019  Machine Design Growth in the robotics market has spurred an increase in the availability of a wide range of systems for large and small applications. At Automate/ProMat 2019, … “machine vision” – Google News


Regenerating ROBOTS: Machines made from DNA show signs of LIFE – and can eat and GROW –

Regenerating ROBOTS: Machines made from DNA show signs of LIFE – and can eat and GROW MACHINE-MADE life-like biomaterial capable of metabolising and self-organising has been built in a lab, in a world first. “machine vision” – Google News


Eddy’s Ready for Robots –

Eddy’s Ready for Robots The other day, I came face to face with an astounding sight — an electronic ordering kiosk. “machine vision” – Google News

Robots protect pipes from shipping damage

JMP Engineering has developed an automated system that uses two robots to automatically apply  protector caps to the ends of oil pipes. Robotics

Robots Leverage 3-D Machine Vision to Handle Auto Parts

To ensure that automotive components such as aluminum cylinder heads are of the correct strength, they must undergo heat treatment before they can be shipped to the automotive manufacturer. Robotics

DENSO to showcase robots and robot controller at NI Week

DENSO Robotics will showcase its VS-Series six-axis robots and RC8 controller at NI Week from August 5-8 in Austin, Texas. Robotics

How to start using industrial robots in automation

From assembly and pick-and-place to material handling and packaging, the use of robots is on the rise in factory automation. Extremely customizable in even the most complex applications, automation systems are beneficial for a wide variety of reasons. Taking the plunge into automation, however, can be confusing and daunting. With …